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  • 項目日期 / Date —— July 12th 2008
  • 客戶 / Client —— Hition
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PSP-sp2 產品概念

位於佛山市的潮流夜店 - 8號公館,以歐美潮流音樂類型,吸引了不少年輕人和音樂愛好者的青睞。我們為客戶設計了一套完整的品牌視覺識別系統。以此品牌的名稱為原型,進行字體設計,作為品牌的標誌,為品牌的傳播帶來易識別性。以此為基礎確立識別系統中的基礎部分和延伸出應用部分,為品牌宣傳推廣帶來完善的整體感和視覺沖擊力。

Located at a tidal current night of shop in Foshan - No. 8 mansion, by the European and American tidal current music type, attracted favor of many young people and musical public. We have designed an integrated brand vision recognition system for the client. Takes this brand the name as prototype, carries on the typeface design, as the symbol of brand, brings the easy recognition for the propagation of brand.













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